I am a passionate baker who loves nothing more than creating your ideal cake and being a part of your special occasion. I love getting to know each and every single one of you, and working closely with you to come up with something truly unique and special There is no better feeling than seeing my creation as the centerpiece of your celebration!

So, why Butter?

I didn’t realize how much I loved baked goods until I lived on my own in college. I baked pies, cookies, and cakes all from scratch using the essential old school ingredients: sugar, flour, and butter. I came to the decision that I would pursue baking but if I were to learn it I would learn it from the best, so off to Paris I went! Being on a student budget in a foreign country (basically...poor), I survived off of a cheap diet of baguettes, butter, cheese and jam. This butter was unlike anything I had ever tasted! Rich, silky, smooth, flavorful velvety texture in every bite. It didn’t matter how much I ate because it was just so darn good. Since my return I have practiced baking with margarine, shortening, and many other fats, but the end result does not compare to the aromatic punch of flavor that butter brings. I swore to myself that no matter where my culinary journey took me, I would stay true to my inner Parisian and only use butter in my kitchen and I have definitely kept that promise. Not only do I use butter in all of my cakes, but I use full fat European style butter, so I can share a little memory of Paris with you through every bite!

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